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Building Community

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I came to volunteering late in life. I looked into volunteering with this very organization and relatively quickly dismissed it because there seemed to be a lot of hoops you had to jump through. I didn't get why I couldn't just come in and help, didn't they need help? Yes, we do. You might even say "boy, do we!" But we need the help we need, which is not always the help people are able to offer, so we try and provide a realistic picture of what volunteering with us is like and sometimes that involves some hoops.  People quickly learn that volunteering in an animal shelter may not be as easy or as glamorous as they originally thought, after all it's not just about cuddling puppies. So once the initial enthusiasm wears off, what keeps them coming back?

Like many non-profit organizations, we are extremely fortunate to have great support from our larger community. Our volunteers come from Cochrane, Calgary and surrounding areas, …

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